Castles in Ethiopia

Castles in Ethiopia

Most of the images we’ve seen of Africa are of rural areas. In the West, we hardly ever see photos of cities and more developed areas. Like most other people I know, I’ve usually seen images of grass huts and dirt roads.

As I’ve shared before, local Southampton County, Virginia, historians informed me that Nat Turner’s mother was most likely Ethiopian born in the 18th century in Africa. In the course of my research, to find out what life would have been like for someone born at that time, I came across some fascinating information.

We’ve been told about medieval castles in Europe–many of our fairy tales are set in them. How excited and surprised I was to learn of medieval castles and palaces in Ethiopia, edifices that still exist, built by African hands.

An adventurer and traveler, Galen Frysinger, has generously allowed me to share a photo with you and link you to his site.

In The Resurrection of Nat Turner, inspired by my research and Frysinger’s photos, I allowed my imagination to run wild as I shared stories about the market place, castles, temples and the Tis Isat Blue Niles Falls.

The history of castles and palaces is also the history of Africa. The stories of princesses, kings, and queens are also part of the tapestry of Africa. Visit Galen Frysinger’s photo gallery of Ethiopia as you read Nat Turner’s story, his mother’s story. As you read the story, view the Falls, the castles, the cities, and be inspired.

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